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Town4kids offers a variety of innovative learning programmes for primary school levels. Developed in collaboration with educational professionals from various fields, these programmes have received accolades and awards from both local and international agencies.

Town4kids Music Programmes present a comprehensive solution for schools seeking to enhance the planning and implementation of music lessons. We are dedicated to forging a close relationship with schools to meet the changing needs in education. Contact our school managers to find out how our programmes can be creatively infused as part of your school's curriculum.

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Town4kids AMIS

The Town4kids AMIS (Art and Music Instructor Scheme) Programme provides schools with a resident AMIS-registered music instructor to plan and administer the music curriculum for Primary 1 to Primary 6. Besides conducting music lessons, the instructor will work closely with the school’s music coordinator to ensure the school’s music objectives are met; conduct student assessment and progress reports; and manage the music programme to ensure pupils of differing abilities are able to develop their potential to the fullest.

Students will be introduced a series of modular music programmes that infuse elements of cultural music, percussions, singing, musical play, rhythm and movement, and composition activities through a series of carefully designed music workshops. Lessons are supported with a suite of interactive multimedia resources to infuse fun and excitement in music learning. Students will learn the fundamentals of music, experience different music genres, and create simple compositions.

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Town4kids AMIS | Town4kids Music Programmes

Creative Music Programme

The Town4kids Creative Music Programme is designed to cater to a seamless implementation of the music curriculum in primary schools. It enables music teachers in schools to effectively implement a tried-and-proven music curriculum without requiring students to have a textbook each.

The programme comprises a detailed and progressive lesson plan to cover the full-year music curriculum from primary to lower secondary levels. The curriculum is fully supported by a suite of teaching materials that include projection slides that can be used for frontal teaching; interactive multimedia resources that include songs, videos and activities; comprehensive teacher guide for each lesson; activity books for students; and music workshops to enhance the formal music curriculum. The supplied resources will enable teachers to conduct music lessons in a fun and engaging manner, while effectively cultivating students’ appreciation for music.

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Creative Music Programme | Town4kids Music Programmes

LCM Electronic Keyboard Course

The Town4kids/LCM (London College of Music) Electronic Keyboard Course combines the best in music learning with Town4kids' wide-ranging music multimedia resources and LCM's well-established approaches in music education that involve creative thinking, practical skills, critical thinking, a broad stylistic range in its repertoire, along with a strong emphasis on the acquisition and demonstration of knowledge and skills.

Unique features:
> Contemporary and engaging: Learn to play the electronic keyboard in solo and group, play with different instrument sounds and learn rhythmic accompaniment styles. The contemporary repertoire and course work is relevant and more engaging to beginners, compared to classical piano or other keyboard courses.
> Balanced combination of theory and performing skills: Students develop relevant and usable musical knowledge and practical playing skills, in a learning environment that is creatively challenging and technologically relevant to students.
> Certification: The course provides the options to take a graded test provided byTown4kids, or LCM examinations conducted by UK examiners. External exams by LCM are optional. Students who pass the LCM examination will acquire an accredited certification from London College of Music, the music college under University of West London, UK.

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LCM Electronic Keyboard Course | Town4kids Music Programmes

General Musicianship and Keyboard Programme

The Town4kids General Musicianship and Keyboard Programme is designed to be integrated into schools’ music lessons and conducted during curriculum time. The two-year programme introduces keyboard and music theory, and is tailored to meet the Associated Board of the Royal School of Music (ABRSM) Grade 1 and Grade 2 Music Theory standards.

Through an effective mix of teacher guidance, frontal teaching and interactive learning facilities, the programme cultivates children’s musical skills and interest through a fun-based learning approach and group work. Students develop not only an interest in music but also the ability to read, play, and appreciate music and the creative process of music making.

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General Musicianship and Keyboard Programme | Town4kids Music Programmes

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